New homes for Wiltshire

Linden Homes  Castlewood Commercial Properties Ltd

Castlewood Commercial Properties Ltd (Castlewood) and Linden Homes (Linden) are bringing forward plans to develop land off the A363 to the south west of the White Horse Business Park – as shown on the aerial plan below.


The proposed sites are allocated for residential development in the soon to be adopted Wiltshire Council Housing Site Allocations Plan as ‘Land off the A363 White Horse Business Park’ (under policy H2.2) – as shown on the small red line site allocations plan opposite. This land is therefore considered to be appropriate for residential development, and delivery of these homes would be important to meeting identified local housing needs.

Castlewood and Linden are progressing separate planning applications for their respective sites to deliver much needed new homes and a care home to meet local demand, and they would like to hear your views on their plans as they evolve.

A public exhibition was held on Friday 10 January 2020, to see the banners that were on display at the event please click here. Details of the draft proposals and illustrative masterplan can be seen on ‘The masterplan’ tab of the website.

Your views are important and the project team would be grateful if you could take the time to complete a feedback form by clicking here.